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Embarking on a journey of transformation may come from a lifelong natural call to evolve.  It might come from a deep spiritual curiosity or yearning.  more often than not, this journey is undertaken because life itself pushed us, sometimes kicking and screaming, into a deeper self-examination and exploration.  This may be through loss, illness, or an unexpected turn in the road.

Whatever brings you here.  You are welcome.  We each have our own "homing" device, built right into our being.  It's our own "True North" or inner compass that guides us to the deepest alignment with our truth.  For most of us, we have lost contact with this compass.  This is what this journey is about. 

Background and Training

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, with a M.A.Ed in Counseling from Wake Forest University.  When I got my degree in 1992, I went to work at Hospice in the Grief Counseling Center working with patients with a terminal illness, as well as those who had experienced a loss.  After four years there, I became an adjunct clinician at Trinity Center.  In 2000, just after my father had passed away from cancer, I started my private practice.  

Even before going to graduate school, I had pursued energy healing with Healing Touch training at Duke in 1988.  I always felt called to be a healer, and wanted to find ways to tap into the wisdom of the body and the deep resources within that may be below the threshold of our awareness.  So, I pursued training in Virginia Satir's Family Systems work,  Interactive Guided Imagery, DARe (Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experiencing), Meditation, Sensory Awareness.   

With my two children grown, in 2006, at age 50, I took my first 'drive-about', heading out west to dive into a true, natural longing I have to be more deeply connected to the earth and fully inhabit my place in the wilderness of life on earth.  My first immersion into the wilds of Utah (Animas Valley Institute) opened doors of possibility that I didn't realize were there.  And, ever since, I've been diving ever deeper into rich territory for healing, growth and evolution.  (To learn more about the work that has impacted my own life and my work please see Buffalo Dreaming Lodge on the Resources page.)

Called to the wilderness in another way, I began to train at Wilderness Fusion, which is a school for NIASZIIH healers.  I have become a NIASZIIH practitioner and am in my fifth-year (of a total of seven years) to become a NIASZIIH healer.  You can learn more about this at both Wilderness Fusion and NIASZIIH Healing Clinic (which is a community clinic in Winston-Salem.

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